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This is an awesome new kit from LEGO which is a replica from a 1960s Ford Mustang. What car lover did not have a poster on his wall as a kid of this awesome car? We will be reviewing the LEPIN Ford Mustang in this article!

Lepin ford mustang 10265

The kit has an eye for detail like: 5-spoke rimes, cool racing stripes, doors that open, working steering wheel, adjustable ride height, trunk and hood which can be opened, etc, etc. In this review we will check out these cool details.

LEPIN Ford Mustang 10265 Replica

The official LEGO kit has 1471 pieces of pure fun and retails around $149.99 USD, or €119 if you are living in Europe. Which might still be expensive for allot of people on a tight budget. That’s where the Chinese market comes to the rescue. LEPIN sells the kit for around $46 USD or €41. That’s a whopping $100 cheaper! Best bet is to buy the kit from Aliexpress.

Check it out here (Click)

Building Report LEPIN Ford Mustang

This report is divided in 6 parts/chapters, which is the amount of chapters in which the kit is divided in the manual. Below you can find links to every separate chapter.

Part 1: Sorting the bags and building the base
Part 2: Rear axle and engine
Part 3: Seats and doors
Part 4: Windows and partial bodywork
Part 5: Engine and hood area
Part 6: Covers and wheels

Part 1: Sorting the bags and building the base

The LEPIN Ford mustang is shipped without a retail box (you could get it with the original box if you contact the seller and pay more for shipping). In this case I did not pay extra and got it packaged in a simple plastic bag with all the parts wrapped in bubble wrap. All bags are numbered and makes sorting them per “chapter” very easy. The kit has only 6 parts so sorting is very quick and easy. Below you can see how the kit arrived:

Package Ford Mustang review

Part 1 of the kit will be focusing on the “frame”. After part 1 we will have a completed base for the rest of the car. This part contains 3 bags and the stickers which we will use in the upcoming chapters.

Part 1 of the ford mustang lego

First impression when taking out the first few bricks: the bricks feel nice and good quality. It can be compared with the Millennium Falcon kit which I reviewed already. This review can be found here (click).

Below some pictures of the completed part 1 can be found. The base-frame is and front axle now ready:

Part 2: Rear axle and engine

In part 2, the rear axle with adjustable ride height installed. Also the functional steering wheel and part of the engine is assembled in this part.

Ford mustang review part 2

In the images below you can see the finished part 2 of the mustang. On the engine block, some stickers are applied. The “Ford” name is replaced with “Foro” probably for copyright reasons. If this is a big issue for you, there is always the possibility to buy a genuine stickerset from bricklink or ebay.

Part 3: Seats and doors

In this part, the seats are assembled but also smaller things like for example the exhausts. A first layer of bricks is also placed which will become the bodywork. The first half of the doors is also installed.

Ford mustang review part 3

Below the finished part 3 can be seen. Comparable to the “Ford” name being altered, in this part the “GT” text is changed to “CT”.

Part 4: Windows and partial bodywork

The next part will include the front and back window. Also a large part of the cockpit bodywork and trunk is build up:

Ford mustang review part 4

So for there are no missing or damaged parts in the kit. Overall build quality is really nice considering the low price of this kit! Below you can find picture of the finished 4th part:

Part 5: Engine and hood area

In this second to last chapter we focus on the hood area of the car. The engine is built up with more details and the bodywork around it is also finished. The car starts to really look like a mustang now! The pictures of the finished part 5 are found below:

Part 6: Covers and wheels

In this final parts we will be covering up the car with the hood, roof and trunk. Also the wheels are finally installed on the car:

Ford mustang review part 6

The cool thing about this kit is that you can build different versions of the car in this final chapter. You can go for the “clean” look and a more aggressive “dragster” look. As shown below:

I chose to build the dragster look, complete with NOS kit in the trunk, spoiler and massive air-intake, it really looks awesome:


I had so much fun building this kit, and at less than 50 bucks it is a no brainer to have in your collection. Mine got a nice place in my home near the huge Millennium Falcon which is also a very nice kit to built!

The kit was complete, no missing or broken parts and the quality is outstanding. I bought the kit from Aliexpress (click) and the delivery was also very quick. Only downside to the kit is the sticker kit which shows different names compared to the original like “Foro” instead of “Ford” or “CT” instead of “GT”, me personally i’m not bothered by it since you don’t really notice it. There is always an option to buy a genuine sticker kit online and you would still save a ton on money on this model!

If you liked this review, make sure to also check out my review of the Massive LEPIN Millennium Falcon kit!

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