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Before we start talking about the 05132 LEPIN Millennium Falcon (Bought here: AliExpress), we will briefly talk about the history of the LEGO kits. FYI, the brand name recently changed to “LEPINING Millennium Falcon”. The Millennium Falcon is an icon for every Star Wars fan, that’s for sure. Also at LEGO they feel the same way about it. Already in the year 2000, LEGO brought there first Millennium Falcon model to the market (with 663 parts in total). The ship however did have some flaws. In 2004 an improved version was released, with an overall better building experience.

There was a burning need for more in the whole community! In 2007 this need was finally redeemed with the first Ultimate Millenium Falcon Collerctors edition (nr 10179). It was also called the UCS edition (Ultimate Collectors Series). At that time it was the biggest (and most expensive) LEGO set ever (with 5197 parts and a total length of 65 centimeters).

The interior of the ship was not that special and lacked allot of detail. Only the control room had some detail but that was it. With a price-tag of around €450 or $500, it certainly was not a cheap kit! This kit is no longer available and the prices shoot through the roof on the second-hand market. Some LEGO sets sold as expensive as €4700 (or $5300)!

millenium falcon
The original Millennium Falcon from 2007

Until 2017, LEGO never surpassed this set in price or number of parts. To the delight of the community, LEGO announced a new set in 2017 (10 years later). It would be an improved Ultimate Millennium Falcon. The new price-tag was now around €800 or $900! With ease, this kit took the crown as begin the biggest and most expensive LEGO set ever brought to market! The set has a total of 7541 parts and is just absolutely massive! Due to its very high price, not allot of fans would get to enjoy building this set. It is a real shame since it is a unique experience to build a Millennium Falcon of this size! At Amazon you can buy the real LEGO kit for a fair price (click).

LEPIN Millennium Falcon 05132 replica

You don’t have the budget to get your hands on the Ultimate Millennium Falcon? Well, that’s understandable, not everyone has the budget for such an expensive LEGO kit. LEPIN (LEPINING) to the rescue? For those not familiar with LEPIN or LEPINING: This is a chinese company that makes replicas from existing LEGO kits. LEGO’s patent expired years ago, which made it possible for other businesses to start copying the LEGO idea. The ethical matter is a different discussion. I want to make it absolutely clear that I’m not rooting for company’s who steal other company’s ideas. But, it is thanks to LEPIN (rebranded to LEPENING) that the average person has the chance to get a taste of this awesome Millennium Falcon kit. This replica can be bought for about €200/$220. You will save about €600/$680! Too good to be true?

In this build report we will take a closer look to the build quality and overall experience. Step by step we will go through the building process with an extensive photo-report!

Building Report Lepin Millennium Falcon

This report is divided in 17 parts/chapters, this is also the number of parts in which the kit is categorized. Below you can find links to every separate chapter (and the total building time for that step).

Part 1: Sorting the bags and building the base frame
Total time: 3hours and 5minutes
Part 2: Support pillars
Total time: 0hours and 51minutes
Part 3: Control-room and hull
Total time: 2hours and 33minutes
Part 4: Control-room 2 and side-panels
Total time: 1hour and 40minutes
Part 5: Back of the ship
Total time: 1hour and 59minutes
Part 6: Front of the ship
Total time: 1hour and 40minutes
Part 7: Bottom plates front
Total time: 1hour and 0minutes
Part 8: Bottom plates on the rest of the ship
Total time: 1hour and 19minutes
Part 9: Top plates front
Total time: 1hour and 38minutes
Part 10: Middle section bottom
Total time: 1hour and 30minutes
Part 11: Middle section top
Total time: 0hour and 53minutes
Part 12: Top plates back
Total time: 1hour and 35minutes
Part 13: Top plates back (side)
Total time: 1hour and 17 minutes
Part 14: Front top plate middle
Total time: 0hour and 55 minutes
Part 15: Front side plates
Total time: 1hour and 00 minutes
Part 16: Cabine with hallway
Total time: 1hour and 44 minutes
Part 17: Turret middle and final details
Total time: 1hour and 35 minutes

Total building time: 28hours and 3minutes!

Part 1: Sorting the bags and building the base frame

The LEPIN Millennium Falcon arrives without retail box (you could get it with the original box if you contact the seller and pay more for shipping). All bags are crammed inside an ordinary cardboard box. All bags are numbered and makes sorting them per “chapter” very easy. The sorting process alone took me an hour! That’s a promising start of building this massive beast of a spaceship!

The manual is huge and very detailed! This manual seems to be an exact copy of the original which means it will be very easy to follow. The first thing you notice is that the “LEPIN” logo is covered with a white sticker. This is done to “fool” customs since they are aware of this copy-brand. This lowers the risk of them confiscating the package and destroying it before it reaches the receiver. Further we notice that “Star Wars” has been replaced by “Star Plan”. Other than this, the manual is identical. Inside the manual you will find a sticker sheet with all the needed stickers during the build, at first sight these seem very high quality.

Let’s start building! All bags with number 1 are opened and spread across the table. In this step, the base frame is constructed. Once it is completed, you can already grasp an idea of how huge this build is going to be! So far so good, no obvious quality issues, you would almost forget this is not real LEGO!

The first thing you notice when the base frame is completed, is how sturdy it is. This base is made out of several layers which are connected to each other with black pins. The frame is made out of different parts which slide together and are locked with 2 layers of grey pins. Once the frame is completed, you get a very rigid and stiff base frame. This will not be unnecessary luxury, considering the total weight once the model will be completed!

Maybe a handy tip: The LEPIN sets do not come with a “brick seperator”. This is a handy tool to seperate bricks, this is something you can order also from AliExpress (Click).

Total building time part 1: 3h05min (including the time to sort all the bags)

Part 2: Support pillars

In part 2 we will find all pieces to construct the support pillars. The base frame is mounted on six of these pillars (in a next part, 1 extra pillar will be constructed). All pillars are identical, so this chapter has some repetitive work.

As soon as the pillars are ready, they can be attached to the base frame.

Total building time part 2: 0h51min

Part 3: Control-room and hull

Part 3 has much more bags compared to part 1 and 2, in this chapter allot of details are built. In this chapter we built a part of the hull (with an extra support pillar), a sort of “gun room” and some smaller details on the top of the ship.

Part 3 also contains the first mini figures of the set, including C-3PO and Chewbacca. Another thing to notice: the figures come completely disassembled. With the original LEGO, the arms and hands are already assembled.

The hull of the ship is partially constructed in this chapter. Also one of the control rooms is built. Notice the huge amount of details! In the control room, the first stickers are used as well.

Other than that, a sort of “machine room” is constructed as well. On the bottom of the ship we now have a sliding hatch, when opened, a machine gun drops out. Very nice detail! The top of the ship also gets some cool details in this chapter. Chewbacca even has a small functioning gun that shoots small pieces of LEGO!

Total building time part 3: 2h33min

Part 4: Control-room 2 and side-panels

In this part a second control room is constructed and also an “empty” room. Probably it will be continued in a later part of the build. Apart from these two rooms, also some side-panels are added to the backside of the ship.

In the picture above you can see a bunch of blue tubes and other long parts. These were sorted in a bag labeled as “4” but not all of the parts are needed in this chapter.

PROTIP: If you are planning to display your model on a stand, this is the moment to do so! I did this only at the end of part 17 which made it very hard to do. The model will be at its full weight which makes it a very difficult process!

Apart from additions to the ship, some extra mini-figures join the party as well!

Total building time part 4: 1h40min

Part 5: Back of the ship

In chapter 5, a big part on the back of the ship is completed. The blue tubes from chapter 4 are now used. These tubes were about 1cm too long and needed to be cut to the ideal length. This was easy enough with an exacto-knife.

lepin millennium falcon deel 5

A second “improvement” was needed on the little guns you can see on the picture below. These are made of 2 small rods that slide into a socket. However, these rods were so loose in the socket that they fell out very easy. This was easily solved with a small drop of superglue on each of the rods.

Total building time part 5: 1h59min

Part 6: Front of the ship

Part 6 probably is the most fun one to build until now, why? After part 6 you really see how big the ship actually is! With the front “frame” attached, we reached the total size of the ship (from now we will only add the plates and details I guess). On the sides of the frame, several details are already present (see lower).

On the picture below you can see the total ship: where the hell will I find room to display this thing?

Total building time part 6: 1h40min

Part 7: Bottom plates front

Completing part 7 only took 1 hour, in this part the bottom plates of the front portion are constructed. Basically we build 2 times the same part, only mirrored.

lepin millennium falcon part 7
All parts chapter 7

After building the bottom plates, this is what the ship looks like:

Total building time part 7: 1h00min

Part 8: Bottom plates on the rest of the ship

In part 8 we built 4 cover plates in total, these will be attached to the bottom of the ship. These are constructed in 2 sets of 2, first you build the first 2, after this you build them again but mirrored. On of these plates are visible in the pictures below.

Apart from these plates, some details are added the front of the ship as well:

Total building time part 8: 1h19min

Part 9: Top plates front

In part 9 we build the 2 big plates that will cover the top of the ship (on the front). This is a very fun part of the built since now we are starting to see more than just an empty frame!

After part 9, this is how the ship looks like:

lepin millennium falcon part 9

Total building time part 9: 1h38min

Part 10: Middle section bottom

In this part, the middle section of the ship is constructed. These parts are clicked onto the ship from the bottom. One of these sections contain the entrance of the ship with a retractable door. On the bottom of the ship, an extra rotatable turret (gun) is installed.

Total building time part 10: 1h30min

Part 11: Middle section top

Part 11 is a relative short part to built with a total building time of only 53 minutes. The top of the middle section is now completed (see below).

Total building time part 11: 0h53min

Part 12: Top plates back

In part 12 the cover plates for the back of the ship are put together. These are easily attached to the ship with some sort of a sliding pin. This makes it easy to remove them to get access to the inside of the ship.

Also in part 12, some extra mini-figures are included, these are shown on the picture below.

Total building time part 12: 1h35min

Part 13: Top plates back (side)

On the back side of the ship there are still 2 sections left where no coverplates are placed. In this part, those are completed. The result of this can be seen in the pictures in part 14.

lepin millennium falcon part 13
Parts chapter 13

Total building time part 13: 1h17min

Part 14: Front top plate middle

In part 14 we construct the middle section on the front of the ship. With a total building time of only 55 minutes, this is a fairly short chapter.

Total building time part 14: 0h55min

Part 15: Front side plates

Just like in the previous chapters, we continue building cover plates on the front of the ship. Also the hallways get there final details (on the sides). The ship really starts to look like a finished product!

Total building time part 15: 1h0min

Part 16: Cabine with hallway

All coverplates are nearly done, in this chapter we focus on the cabine and hallway. Also 2 extra minifigures are included in this part!

Total building time part 16: 1h44min

Part 17: Turret middle and final details

In this final part we build the turret in the middle of the schip, 1 last minifigure, the antennas and the “specificationplate”. In the Star Wars movies, the Millennium Falcin has 2 sorts of antennas during the different movies, these are also both included in the kit.

Als you probably already noticed: this is a huge ship! You can’t just place it anywhere in your house. There is a clever solution for this. This stand makes it possible to place the ship upright, which saves allot of room.

On the pictures below you can see how the endresult looks like with this stand!

In the end, there are quite a bit of spare parts left. During the entire build, I had not even 1 missing part or broken parts!

UCS millennium falcon spare parts
Spare parts

Total building time part 17: 1h35min
Total building time stand: 1h49min


I can be relativly short: the LEPIN UCS Millennium Falcon is worth every penny! It was a fun experience to build this kit with almost no frustrations during the building process. There were no missing or broken parts in the kit.

For me, this was my first LEPIN kit and I was very pleased with the quality! I think the pictures in this blog also show that this is a decent kit!

Liked this review? Also check out my review on the LEPIN Ford Mustang kit here!

Where to buy?

The LEPIN Millennium Falcon (LEPINING Millennium Falcon) sets are best bought via AliExpress, this website is safe and trustworthy. You are also protected with their “buyers-protection” , basically when you do not receive your order or something arrives damaged, you can apply for a refund.

I bought the set from this supplier, the seller ships via DHL and my order arrived at my house within a week (4 days to be precise). Don’t worry about extra custom fees, this is all taken care off by AliExpress, no need to pay 1 cent extra upon arrival of your new spaceship! Have fun with your own LEPIN Millennium Falcon!

Are you a die-hard LEGO collector and you don’t wish to buy a replica? In that case you can always choose to buy the real set from LEGO. At Amazon you can really get a good deal on the original LEGO kits.

Other LEPIN sets

You want to expand your collection after finishing the Ultimate Falcon? Or you are looking for a less expensive model to start out? No problem, LEPIN fabricates a whole series of Star Wars sets. Below you can find some of those sets, starting with the Death Star:

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Or maybe you prefer to build a Star Destroyer?

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Maybe you are looking for a gift for a Star Wars fan for an affordable budget? The Lepin Millennium falcon is still an expensive kit. Here you can find a selection of models below €30:

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Or maybe you are not a Star Wars fan at all? LEPIN also makes a bunch of other popular products for not that much money. For example the LEGO Technics set of the Bugatti Veyron:

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